Welcome to Vital Video

Vital Video is a Toronto video production company. Our video crew provides digital video and media photography services in challenging conditions. From live music performances to art openings, small businesses and media personalities, Vital Video is for viral video, delivered within hours for social media needs.

Creative control of event video for your blog, website or Youtube account
- HD / High Definition Recording
- Editing
- Quick delivery
- Formatted for easy upload

We work for you 
- Artists
- Performers
- Indie short film producers
- Small businesses
- Websites
- Blogs

We shoot 
- PR Events
- Music videos
- Promotional reels
- Product demos
- Viral commercials
- Corporate videos
- Interviews
- TV pilot demos

We deliver quickly
As specialized video crew services in viral media, entertainment and event projects, we understand the need for timely delivery. We boast a turnaround time of 3 hours for raw video delivery, or 24 hours for a fully edited viral video.

To view our reel, for bigger productions or more information, contact us at info@vitalvideo.net